The Accelerated Online MBA from Mississippi College is a 10 course program (30 credit hours) with each class spanning the length of 8 weeks.

Offering our high quality business courses over a shorter class term allows students to focus their attention on the class at hand and finish each class at a quicker pace. Our AACSB accredited program prepares students to handle complex business situations with a strong faith-based ethical foundation.

Founded in 1946, the School of Business is home of the largest and oldest MBA program in the Jackson metro area. Now in an accelerated online format, our MBA is built on our vison to be known as a business school recognized for academic excellence and commitment to the cause of Christ.

Through our rigorous online MBA curriculum, students will:

  • Develop general management competencies and perspectives
  • Further their understanding of core management areas, including: accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, law, international business, and strategy.
  • Build a framework for faith-based, ethical decision making
  • Attend classes taught by our own professionally experienced and highly qualified professors



The following items are required for acceptance into the MC Business accelerated MBA program:

  • Completed online application
  • Bachelors degree from a regionally accredited university
  • Possess an undergraduate record and/or work experience that indicates the ability to pursue the MBA program:
    • 3.00 GPA and above (GMAT is waived)
    • 2.25-2.99 GPA must meet one of the following:
      • 3-5 years of appropriate professional experience (submit a resume)
      • GMAT
  • For students that must meet the GMAT requirement, an appropriate score must be submitted by the end of the first semester (maximum of 9 hours) in which graduate level classes are taken. Students without a GMAT score after their first semester of graduate work will not be allowed to enroll in any subsequent graduate courses. 

Foundation Courses

Course Number Course Name Hours
ACC 203 Survey of Financial Accoutning 3
FIN 341 Business Finance 3
MKT 381 Marketing Principles 3
MIS 099 Spreadhseet Proficiency Exam 0

MBA Courses

Course Number Course Name Hours
ACC 6501 Accounting Issues in Business Decisions 3
MGT 6570 Managing in a Global Economy 3
FIN 6541 Financial Management 3
MGT 6571 Quantitative Management 3
GBU 6552 Law & Ethics in the Business Environment 3
MGT 6572 Policy Formation & Administration 3
MKT 6581 Market Administration 3
GBU 6551 Organizational Behavior 3
GBU 6593 Special Topics in Business 3
MGT 6593 Special Topics in Business Management 3
Total   30

Proctored exams are required in many of the courses. The MBA program has partnered with ProctorU, who will provide a virtual proctor to watch you take your exams.

Spring/Summer 2018

Event Spring I Spring II Summer
Application Deadline January 4 February 26 May 22
Transcript & Resume Deadline January 4 February 26 May 22
Registration Deadline January 4 March 1 May 24
Course Start Date January 8 March 5 May 29
Term End Date March 1 April 30 July 20

Mississippi College seeks to offer a private university tuition rate with exceptional value. The figure already accounts for the proctoring fees as needed. 


Per Credit Hour Per Course Program
$588 $1,764 $17,640

Financial Aid

In order to receive Financial Aid for any given term for graduate programs, a student must be registered for a minimum of 3 credit hours.