Knowledge of information systems and computer technologies are essential for organizations to be competitive.

The MIS major at MC prepares students to apply this technology to the world of business. The curriculum focuses on equipping students with a comprehensive knowledge of key business principles, along with a strong interdisciplinary set of technical and quantitative skills.

While you’re honing your technical skills, you’ll also explore a diverse curriculum that nurtures critical thinking skills, encourages teamwork and builds your writing abilities. You’ll investigate ethical and moral issues, while acquiring management skills in a Christian context. And you’ll gain understanding of business issues from a global perspective, integrating awareness of current events and financial trends.

Rise to the Top

Our MIS majors will be prepared to gain entry into positions in the information technology area, such as business systems analyst, data analyst, IT operations, research analyst, production support, IT consultant, or systems developer.

Advice Along the Way

All MC MIS students are assigned an individual MIS advisor. From assisting with career goals, to selecting courses, to sharing personal connections in the larger business community, your advisor will help you make the most of your business education and your business career.

Experience Business

As an MIS major, your program will provide you with the managerial, quantitative, and technical knowledge you need through classes in:

  • Quantitative Business Modeling
  • Financial Modeling
  • Operations Research
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • E-commerce
  • Internet and World Wide Web


Requirements   Hours
University Core    
Business Core    
ACC 305 Managerial Accounting 3
FIN 343 Financial Modeling 3
MGT 473 Quantitative Business Modeling 3
MKT 482 Retailing and E-Commerce 3
MIS 406 Accoutning Information Systems 3
MAT 405 Operations Research 3
CSC 115 Foundations of Computer Science 3
CSC 116 Intro to Programming and Problem Solving 3
CSC 302 Internet and WWW Basics
CSC 320 Systems Analysis and Design 3