Entrepreneurial skills and abilities allow students to dream up innovative responses to opportunities in the marketplace.

The entrepreneurship major at MC prepares students to evaluate potential new ventures and to understand what it takes to succeed in a highly dynamic business environment.

The curriculum consists of interdisciplinary coursework in management, marketing, accounting, and finance. Along the way, students are encouraged to develop an innovative mindset with a focus on entrepreneurial application.

While you’re honing your managerial and creativity skills, you’ll also explore a diverse curriculum that nurtures critical thinking, encourages teamwork and builds your writing abilities. You’ll investigate ethical and moral issues, while acquiring management skills in a Christian context. And you’ll gain understanding of business issues from a global perspective, integrating awareness of current events and financial trends.

Rise to the Top

Students majoring in entrepreneurship typically desire to start their own business or not-for-profit organization, or to work in a family business. Other options include business analyst, management consultant, product or business development, and franchise owner.

Advice Along the Way

All MC Entrepreneurship students are assigned an individual entrepreneurship advisor. From assisting with career goals, to selecting courses, to sharing personal connections in the larger business community, your advisor will help you make the most of your business education and your business career.

Experience Entrepreneurship

As a student in the MC entrepreneurship program, you will take classes that combine both the theoretical and practical aspects of starting a business or social enterprise, in courses such as:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Entrepreneurial Financial Management
  • New Venture Creation
  • Entrepreneurship Experience
  • Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • Retailing and E-Commerce
  • Human Resources
Requirements   Hours
University Core    
Business Core    
ENT 110 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  1
ENT 310 Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise  3
ENT 411 Entrepreneurial Financial Management  3
ENT 412 Entrepreneurial Mindset 3
ENT 413 New Venture Creation 3
GBU 491 Topics in Entrepreneurship 1
ENT 496 Entrepreneurship Experience 1
MKT 482 Retailing & E-Commerce 3
MGT 474 Human Resources 3
Choose one of the following    
MKT 383 Personal Selling 3
MKT 429 Marketing Research 3
MKT 481 Consumer Behavior 3
MKT 485 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
MKT 486 Marketing Strategy 3
ACC 305 Managerial Accounting 3