The MC Business marketing program focuses on engaging students with marketing theory and practice in all sectors of the economy. Students explore the stages of successfully developing and introducing a product to the public, from market research to brand positioning. With this foundation, graduates will possess excellent preparation for marketing management roles.

While building your marketing toolset, you’ll also explore a comprehensive business curriculum that nurtures critical thinking skills, encourages teamwork and builds your writing abilities. You’ll discuss ethical and moral issues, while acquiring management skills in a Christian context. And you’ll gain understanding of business issues from a global perspective, along with current events and financial trends.

Choose Your Focus

As a marketing major, you can pursue an additional career track in the following:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Healthcare Marketing
  •  Entrepreneurship 

 Completion of an additional 12 hours of credit in your chosen area of concentration is required.

MC’s marketing degree is designed for students seeking an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of modern marketing.

Students cover all aspects of marketing including marketing research, consumer behavior, advertising and promotion, professional selling, retailing and e-commerce, and the development of marketing strategies for products and services. Marketing students gain practical experience through internship opportunities and coursework involving hands-on projects conducting real marketing research, developing actual advertising campaigns and running a business through computer simulation. At the MC School of Business, students get a practical, real-world education - for real-world success.

Real-world marketing for a real-world career.

Rise to the Top

Our marketing majors have gained employment into marketing departments of top corporations, advertising firms, marketing research companies and selling management positions across all industries.

Advice Along the Way

All MC Marketing students are assigned an individual marketing advisor. From assisiting with career goals, to selecting courses, to sharing personal connections in the larger business community, your advisor will help you make the most of your business education, and your business career.

Experience Marketing

The MC marketing program is both current and practical; teaching you important marketing concepts and preparing you for a marketing career through courses such as:

  • Personal Selling
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Communications
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Retailing & E-Commerce.

We invite you to experience marketing at MC.

Requirements   Hours
University Core   46
Business Core   42
MKT 481 Consumer Behavior 3
MKT 485 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
MKT 486 Marketing Strategy 3
MKT 383 Personal Selling 3
MKT 482 Retailing & E-Commerce 3
MKT 429 Marketing Research 3
Choose one:    
ENT 412 Entrepreneurial Mindset 3
COM 403 Negotiation 3
COM 443 Public Relations 3
COM 446 Media Sales 3
General Electives   21
Total Hours   130