Accounting M.B.A.

The M.B.A. with Accounting Concentration focuses on accounting skills needed in today's business environment. The curriculum prepares students for professional careers in the public, private, or governmental sector. This program is designed to provide the educational background to students who plan to become a Certified Public Accountant, to attain other professional certifications, or for students who need more intensive accounting knowledge to accomplish their career objectives. The coursework includes accounting courses in financial accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, and auditing.

Accounting M.B.A. Requirements

M.B.A. Core
MGT 6570 Leadership in a Global Environment 3
FIN 6541 Financial Management 3
MGT 6571 Quantitative Analysis 3
MGT 6572 Strategic Management 3
GBU 6552 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment 3
M.B.A. Accounting Curriculum 
ACC 6504 Federal Tax Accounting 3
ACC 6510 Auditing Concepts & Applications 3
ACC 6511 Accounting Theory 3
ACC 6502 Advanced Accounting II 3
Elective   3
Total Hours   30

The Graduate Program in Business Administration builds on a core of undergraduate courses normally taught in schools of business. All of the M.B.A. prerequisites can be obtained from our night class schedule.

ACC 203 Survey of Financial Accounting 3
FIN 341 Business Finance 3
GBU 251 Business Statistics 3
MIS 099 Spreadsheet Proficiency Exam 0
Total Hours   9
ACC 301-302 Intermediate Accounting 6
ACC 303 Cost Accounting 3
ACC 403 Federal Tax Accounting 3
ACC 405 Auditing 3
ACC 407 Governmental Accounting 3
GBU 358 Business Law & Ethics 3
Total Hours   21

The following items are required for acceptance into the MC Business accelerated M.B.A. program:

  • Completed online application
  • Bachelors degree from a regionally accredited university
  • Possess an undergraduate record and/or work experience that indicates the ability to pursue the M.B.A. program:
    • 3.00 GPA and above (GMAT is waived)
    • 2.25-2.99 GPA must meet one of the following:
      • 3-5 years of appropriate professional experience (submit a resume)
      • GMAT
  • For students that must meet the GMAT requirement, an appropriate score must be submitted by the end of the first semester (maximum of 9 hours) in which graduate level classes are taken. Students without a GMAT score after their first semester of graduate work will not be allowed to enroll in any subsequent graduate courses. 

Mississippi College’s School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the premier business school accreditation in the world.